Disagree – You must leave Coquitlam to become successful

           I disagree with the statement “For success in my future, I must get out of Coquitlam and start over somewhere new.” Although there might be circumstances where this is true, I cannot say I “must” get out of Coquitlam to have a successful life. It will really depend on what you... Continue Reading →


Haunted house descriptive writing

Peering through the twisted brass gate, I hear it creak open as loudly as the shriek of a ghost. Gnarled, disfigured trees cast dark, haunting shadows on me like a shriveled witch's hand, as the cold, moist air bites my skin. The haunted house is drenched in a pool of moonlight, illuminating the sinister, foreboding front entrance. The window beside the ominous front door is smashed, as if someone or something had either broken in or... Continue Reading →

Novel Study Response #1

               During this scene, Reuben quickly comes to the realization he is in great danger because of the precious watch he found. A stranger on the train is in pursuit of Reuben and is to trying gain possession of this watch. Reuben uses his quick-thinking and observation skills “searching every... Continue Reading →

Dad is Dying

          Overall, I believe that the benefits of Sam’s lie in the story “Dad is Dying” outweigh the issue of the lie itself. It effects many different people in a positive way: his mother by helping her relax and spend more time with her family, his father by giving him more... Continue Reading →

Biology Buddies

        If I were to imagine a perfect roommate it would be somebody who would have some similar interest, some common personalities traits and, someone who will be able to work well with me and someone that I can learn from. This is exactly why I think Pat would be the best roommate for me because she fits all of these things. First of all,... Continue Reading →

Eminent Introductory Blog Post

          “Tap is a soulful dance – a double entendre.  It is a feeling that oozes from one’s soul. Everybody secretly wants to tap dance.  I believe that”  - Dianne Walker  Dianne Walker is considered “America‘s First Lady of Tap Dance”. I was immediately drawn to Dianne as my eminent person as... Continue Reading →

Digital Footprint Assignment

A. I think that my digital footprint is going to affect me in a very positive way. There are many pictures of me posted by my family and my dance studio about my achievements that I think employers (especially for dance) will think are very positive. For example: a dance festival posted me winning a... Continue Reading →

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