In-depth Introductory Post

For my in-depth project, I am excited to explore a new style of dance, called vintage solo jazz. Solo jazz dance is similar to swing dance, however, it is different because you dance by yourself instead of with a partner. I want to execute and understand the fundamentals of this dance style and move on to variations of the basics to take my dancing to another level. By the end of this project I hope to execute this dance style at a performance level with confidence and fluedity. Learning more about the history of this art form will help me learn to perform the dance authentically on stage. I am also striving to be able to improvise to jazz music at a basic level, with flow and confidence.   

This Fall, I participated in a solo jazz class taught by a dancer from New York and I really loved the new style. The class really sparked my interest, and since then I have wanted to learn more about this dance style. I believe that adding solo jazz to my repertoire will also help me with my current dancing, especially tap dance, because the two styles are very connected.  

I have secured a mentor who I will be meeting with on Sunday afternoons every few weeks and I hope to practice each week on my own to keep improving my skills. My mentor will help me learn the basics of this art form, teach me many popular solo jazz dances, and help me learn how to improvise at a basic level to jazz music.  

My goal is to perform a solo jazz routine at in-depth night to showcase what I have learned over the past few months. My hope is to collaborate with my mentor to choreograph a number or learn and perform a popular solo jazz routine. For the rest of January, I am going to research the history of solo jazz and watch videos of popular solo jazz dances to learn the basic feel of the music and style. Then in February, I will start meeting with my mentor and learn some of the basic steps as well as their variations. In March, I will continue to learn more of the fundamentals and have my mentor teach me some popular solo jazz dances as well as start to choreograph my routine with my mentor. During the month of April, I hope to start learning how to improvise and work on my dance I will perform at in-depth night. Finally, in May I will polish and finalize my performance for in-depth night.  

Throughout the project, I will post blogs to demonstrate my progress, and at the end of in-depth I will ask for feedback from my mentor on my success in reaching my goals. Kate, Chanel, Jian, Jasmine, and I will be going to Snowy Village after in-depth night to celebrate! 



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