Letter to Theseus

Dear Theseus,  

I, Lysander, am writing in the hopes of urging you to reconsider your law stating that one must marry whomever one’s parents choose. I am in love with Hermia, and she loves me back.  Unfortunately, her father, Egeus, has chosen Demetrius to marry his daughter, which is a choice that is completely against her will. If Hermia does not marry Demetrius, she will either be sentenced to death or be banished from society to become a nun, never to have a family or children. I love Hermia and I want us to be able to live a happy life together.  

First of all, I am a much better fit for Hermia then Demetrius because our love is mutual and will result in a more successful marriage. I am certain that there are other people in Athens who are also in this situation. Therefore, reconsidering this law will help many be happier. In turn, your kingdom will become happier and more successful overall. 

My financial situation is equally as strong as Demetrius’s so I will be able to take good care of Hermia. I have proven this by buying Hermia multiple gifts to show my wealth and love for her. In addition, I will be a much more loyal, devoted, and reliable husband to Hermia, unlike Demetrius who is unreliable and inconsistent. He once loved Helen, suddenly left her, and then loved Hermia instead. So, we cannot know that he will not do the same to Hermia, leaving her just days after their marriage. I have proven my loyalty by always coming back to Hermia and singing at her window over and over again, to show I will be a loyal and loving husband.  

Your Honour, as proven by the points I have described,  I am clearly a much more worthy man than Demetrius to marry Hermia. She will be happier, as will I, so I truly hope you reconsider your law to allow Hermia and I to get married and live a happy life together.









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