Animal Farm Response #1

What conditions are needed for revolution to occur? Based on your readings so far, what is the single most significant factor leading the animals to revolution? Based on my reading of Animal Farm by George Orwell I believe that having a common problem that most citizens are determined to change is an essential condition for a revolution to occur as well... Continue Reading →


The Wheels of Revolution

  The Wheel of Revolution: The invention of the internet followed a similar trajectory as many other events in history. Specifically, I believe the inventions on the internet are similar in many ways to the inventions such as the printing press,  because they both help connect and allow communication between people far and near. The printing press was a new technology which... Continue Reading →

Midsummer Night’s Dream Literary Analysis

Relationships affect everyone. Whether it be friend to friend, parent to child, or lover to lover we all want to make them as strong and as healthy as possible. From reading WIlliam Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we gain valuable insights into relationships through the characters’ successes and mistakes. Willam Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream follows the story of four lovers as... Continue Reading →

In-depth Post #4

I am very happy with the steady progress I am making with my in-depth project. Now that I have finished learning the Tranky Doo my mentor is helping me polish the routine, find the places where I can add my own style, emulate the vintage jazz style as well as helping me start to improvise! After our last meeting when we talked about creating... Continue Reading →

In-depth Post #3

I have made great progress on my in-depth project over the past two weeks. I met with my mentor for a second time and she taught me the rest of the Tranky Doo, which we chose to dance to the song “Gangbusters” by The Cat and Fiddle. Throughout the routine there are many basic solo jazz steps,... Continue Reading →

Letter to Theseus

Dear Theseus,   I, Lysander, am writing in the hopes of urging you to reconsider your law stating that one must marry whomever one’s parents choose. I am in love with Hermia, and she loves me back.  Unfortunately, her father, Egeus, has chosen Demetrius to marry his daughter, which is a choice that is completely against her will. If Hermia does not marry Demetrius, she will either be sentenced to death or be banished from... Continue Reading →

In-depth Post #2

My in-depth project in progressing very well so far! I have met with my mentor for about an hour and a half and I learned so much about solo jazz. Before our meeting, I researched about the history of solo jazz and watched some videos of experienced dancers to get the feel of this new style. Then... Continue Reading →

Zip DOC of Learning 5

What is your inquiry question? What initially drew you to this question? Did your question stay the same, or did it change overtime? Why?  For my grade nine zip project, my inquiry question was as follows: what are some of the most important principles in creating an effective and engaging graphic novel? I was initially... Continue Reading →

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